What MONEY HUNGRY Companies Won't Tell You

Your Backup Generator is Already Parked in Your Driveway.  Power Your House From Your Car, Seriously.  Simple, Stuff at Walmart.

14 Total Videos - DIY HOW TO - STEP BY STEP
A Total of 4+ Hours, so detailed, but in bite sized pieces.
Watch and/or Download *NOW* Instantly ONLINE

Learn how to power your house from your car in an emergency for only $17. You *WILL* be able to do the following:

- YES - Recharge *ALL* your Smart Phones and Tablets and Hotspot ALL you DESIRE.
Now You HAVE: Now You have 911, Call Mom, Weather, News, Local info, Email, Facebook, Posting, Photo and Video ability

- YES - Your Refrigerator (one at a time)  (only 1 hour 3x a day is needed)
Now You HAVE: NOT burning gas driving around for 2 hours HUNTING for ICE to keep your food cold

- YES - Your Freezer (one at a time) (only 1 hour 3x a day is needed)
Now You HAVE: Ice will keep your Food cold, electricity keeps it FROZEN


- YES - Your TV (smaller the better, but...even the 75" one)
    Now You HAVE: TV, Local News, DVDs, Kids.  Endless Positives

- YES - Your Sump Pump (it usually only runs for 30 seconds)
Now You HAVE: No Mess to Clean up, no destroyed carpet, no hauling a set/dry shop vac up the stairs 100 times

- YES - Your Coffee Maker *IF* you must have coffee, but see the video on how to hook it up good enough and you can't run anything else at the same time.  Coffee maker takes a LOT of power (for a small amount of time - See the Video)
Now You HAVE: Coffee.   Did I say, Now you have Coffee !!  Now your Wife has Coffee.... COFFEE.

- YES - All of the "LED" light bulbs you desire
Now You HAVE: NOT in the dark, plenty of Light, all appears normal​

- YES - Recharge all of the AA and AAA and D Cell batteries you desire for your headlamps, radios, flashlights
Now You HAVE: Give the kids their favorite light and let them play all they want.  HUGE comfort to kids 

- YES - Run your laptop computer about as much as you desire.
Now You HAVE: Laptop to CellPhone Hot Spot means all internet you need.  Netflix !!

- YES - Run your Internet Modem and Router for WIFI if your provider is still providing internet
Now You HAVE:  Many times the 'cable' is not down, just your router and wifi.  Now you have internet

- YES - Run all the fans you desire
Now You HAVE: Is it HOT? ALL the fans you desire. Suffer or sleep?


- NO... you are NOT running your AC (sorry, too much power)

- NO... you are not running your hairdryer.  It takes more power than the microwave or coffee maker

- NO... you are NOT running your electric stove

- NO... NOT your water well 240-volt well water pump (country people)

- NO... you are NOT running your large home furnace with a full-size blower

- NO... you are NOT running an electric hot plate

- NO... you are NOT running a toaster oven

- NO... you are NOT running an electric heater.

- NO... you are not running your jacuzzi or spa

- NO... you are not running your Time Machine
NO... you are not running your small moon, err, space station, that destroys planets
NO... you are NOT NOT NOT going to 'hurt your alternator' NOR the 'car electronics' NOR 'the battery' NOR are you going to 'start a fire' and NO this is 'not dangerous' NOR is your car going to 'over heat'


Remember, it's just your car at idle, on or off, with your car battery, it's NOT a Warp Core Reactor.
But at least your Cell Phones, Tablets, TV, Radios, Refrigerator, and Freezer all work... plus more stuff... DO NOT complain about what it does NOT power, be happy for it DOES power especially for the price and simplicity of an inverter. 

It's a heck of a lot better than being in the dark and the cold with NO power, NO Cell, a candle, and spoiled food.  


WATCH Everything *NOW* (cell phone, tablet, laptop etc..)
DOWNLOAD Everything *NOW*
ONE TIME Charge ONLY - NO Membership, NO Re-Billing, NOTHING to 'JOIN'.
NO UP SALES (No Aggressive Anything !)

HARRIS 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  ANY TIME, ANY Reason, ANY YEAR !!


ONE Time Purchase - NO Membership

What Do The Videos Teach You?

Over 4 Hours of LEARNING for only $17

4 HOURS+ Of content, BROKEN DOWN into Easy to Digest and Watch SEGMENTS.  
​Watch what you need to learn and NOT what you don't. 


1. Everyday Carry items for your vehicle to keep your cell phone and devices charged in at at all times and to provide emergency inverter power for your home. 2020 UPDATE  1 Hour 4 Min


2. Introduction and Table of Contents of What Each Video Explains 5 min


3. Fuel and Easy Fuel Storage and Treatment Options to have Spare Fuel for your Vehicle at idle or driving, explicit details and NOT 'stupid government cans'  14 min


4. Selecting the Right Battery for You.  You can use an RV/Marine or other battery inside your house to supplement what you car can provide (like for power overnight).  I cover what each battery is on the shelf at Walmart and the Auto Store and what each one is, this is SO EASY.  You'll be an expert in less than 6 minutes


5. How to have an Simple Emergency Battery Bank in your house (NO its NOT dangerous, its dangerous to NOT have one).  How to set it up, hook it up, what wires, sizes, inverter for AC or DC


6. How to Charge your INSIDE the House Battery (if you have one) from your vehicle by about 4 different methods.  Simple and safe in 8 minutes. 


7. Harris 2020 update on ALL the Battery Chargers on the Market, their prices and features. 26 min. What to get, use and what to avoid like the plague.  See everything.  This is for recharging from your car, the wall (when you have power) and or a generator.   Yes.  This 'class' allows your generator to be MANY times more effective with a small in home battery bank.  (again,  NO its not dangerous, its dangerous to NOT have one).


8.  Hooking up a solar panel to your battery bank.  3 minutes.  3 Minutes?  Do you really want me to make it more complicated ?  Its Solar Panel in the sun -->  Solar charge controller ($30)  -->  Battery.   That's it, and I show all the wires and connections (there are 4).  If you want me to charge  you a lot more like the solar generator idiots and make it 3 hours long I will, but... I'm not immoral. 


9..  How Long Will It take for Solar to Charge my Battery Bank?  14 minutes.  Ok.  I do have more on solar.  "How long will it last" and "how long to charge it".   I show you exactly how long it will take any size panel to charge your battery, its so simple and I show you when you want and especially when you DO NOT want solar.   Superstorm Sandy brought 11 DAYS of 100% CLOUDS.   Solar power was ZERO.   I was in it.  I documented it.  


10..  How many different ways can I connect solar to my battery bank (or car).  8 minutes.   There are 2 different ways basically, PWM (the old simple way that works) and MPPT the better newer way that makes the wires smaller and the whole thing is more effecient.   This is the way to have solar panels 100 feet away (in the sun) yet still charge your battery bank without spending $300 on copper wire. I actually use a regular 'extension cord' to run the solar energy back into my 'bug out trailer' (in the shade) from the Sunshine (in the grass field).  No joke. 


11.  "How Long Will It Last ?"  14 minutes.  These are the simple details explained simply.  Make sense?   You will know IN YOUR HEAD how long that marine/rv battery on your table (yes, its safe) will last if you have your TV on it, a few fans, some lights ?  Can your plug your refrigerator into it ?


12.  Harris Cell Phone and communications BUG OUT / Travel KIT.  56 min.  Your cell phone is your life line and your information source for everything.  I show you how to simply keep it charged for both daily use and for EMERGENCY USE (its a lot more than 'just plug it in').   When you are someplace and the lights go dark, the earthquake strikes with no warning, and you are stuck, you'll be able to communicate and stay in touch and informed.   This is a real world kit that I travel with when I travel by vehicle or by air.  The air version is a 'light' version of what you see.  Decide what you want and want to use. 


13.  The flexibility of a Steven Harris Battery bank. 21 min  Just how many different ways can you use, charge, discharge,

recharge and power things from this Emergency battery bank ??   I show it all to you.  Blow your mind. 


14.  Un-advertised BONUS Items I can't mention.  They'd BAN me.  :(  

YES!  I included SOLAR CHARGING in the Video MULTIPLE TIMES and IN DETAIL.   Its SO Simple. !

Its THIS easy:   Solar panel goes to a solar charge controller and that goes to the battery.   Its that simple and I go over the details and the hookup in the videos IN DETAIL.


ONE Time Purchase - NO Membership


ABOUT Steven Harris - Your Instructor for your Library
- Teaching and doing prep since 1993
- #1 All Time Guest / Expert on The Survival Podcast for 8 years
- Very Clear, Effective, Decisive Teaching & outspoken to a fault.

- NOT wishy washy, NOT boring.  Captivating Education.
- Clear Concise and DETAILED Videos and Instruction 
-  Instructor to US Military SoF and other gov entities since 2004
-  Studies & Experiments w/ History of Food in Armies and the War Fighter going back to 2500BC to Today to 100+ Years in Future
- Teaches stuff you've NEVER heard of, not the junk everyone else repeats
- *NEW* Thinking, Has NO BOX, Original Content CREATOR.
- World class expert in Energy and many other forms of Prep
- Former R&D Engineer for Chrysler Corporation / DaimlerChrysler - Scientific Labs & Vehicle Development


I can't recommend these classes enough! The SMARTEST and  CHEAPEST and FASTEST method to become prepared. Steve B.

Steve B.

Take the time to hear these Classes... Your family, and homes are WORTH saving! ALL of them (the classes) are the BEST out there, and do more in less time than most others.  You will hear things that will come to mind when you need them... in their common sense simplicity, you'll think DUHHHHH.... why didn't I think of that. In an emergency, you need to have the information already learned and ready for use!!! You will be on AUTO-PILOT when these things happen. WHEN, not IF they will happen. Sooner or later, you will need this information.... guaranteed! Kathy W.

Kathy W.

There's so much info, have to listen to it again.  David B.

David B.

Mr. Harris, I could go on for a long time describing how your work has enabled my family and I to be more practically prepared and given us the peace of mind that accompanies that, but I would leave something out, or blunder it somehow. So I say simply, and whole-heartedly Thank You Very Much. You are appreciated.  Tye K.

Tye K.

A must buy for anyone interested in improving their odds in getting through a survival situation, especially weather related. James M.

James M.

Mr. Harris I just wanted to thank you for your expertise. I am currently in day 3 without power due to an F3 tornado. Fortunately my home sustained little damage. My backup battery system has
functioned flawlessly and your advice on generators and gasoline storage has insured my family can stay in our home while others have taken flight to local motels. I just thought I was prepared, then I listened to and followed your advice and now I really am prepared.  Johnnie B.

Johnnie B.

OMG You Made it this Far Down into the Ad?  WOW.  Well since you are this far down LET ME Tell You a SECRET.... 

I don't give a damn about making $17 from you.  I want *YOU* Prepared.  I want you *SAFER*.  I want *YOU BETTER*.  

I, Steven Harris, *KNOW* that *YOU* can do this.   
Don't worry, I'll teach you.  Give me your hand.   Its EASY.

I, Steven Harris, Trust You.  I *KNOW* that *YOU* CAN.

HERE IS Another EXAMPLE of a GOVERNMENT *NOT* Trusting *YOU* and THEY are MAKING DECISIONS that AFFECT your Comfort, Health & Safety.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency RUSHED in After SUPERSTORM Sandy took out the power to over 8 MILLION HOMES (that would be about 24 million people) and they Opened up an EMERGENCY OFFICE.    Well there was a bad storm after superstorm Sandy and the FEMA office actually posted this on their office door.    

Why am I charging $17 for this?

Why don't I give it to you for FREE ?

1.  I just showed you photos of everything and a promo video.  You can copy that for free.   The exact HOW's and WHY's and WHEN's are in the Video Education I have for You. ... but... use what you learned freely now if you want.   If you can't afford $17, go to youtube.   You'll get lower quality knowledge, and SOME bad knowledge, but, its free.   Want THE best of How, When, WHY, Where..... want your neighbors wondering how you are lit up with NO generator noise and want your spouse and kids HAPPY?  Then I think $17 is worth it.    You have 100% Money Back Guarantee.  ANY Reason, ANY TIME, ANY YEAR.   If I'm full of cr*p, tell me !!

2.   From my 20+ years of Advertising of my own Teachings, I know that people consider FREE Stuff WITHOUT VALUE.   You'd actually think my stuff was worth MORE if I charged you $170 instead of $17.   Seriously

3.   I need to pay for ads to find and help more people like you.   I need to buy things to stay current with tools, items, and the best things to use.   ex: am I telling you to use D Cell, AA, AAA, Lithium 16340, 18650, 21700, 26650's or... even newer stuff.   What to charge with, what NOT to charge with.  The ONLY way *I* KNOW and *I* tell you what 's*cks' and what "ROCKS" is I buy it and I test it, test it, test it, kick it, test it, urinate on it, test it, drop it, test it. test it.

4.   I have to buy Kat FuD for my Cat.... or she gets mad at me.   

George Orwell’s chilling truth: “People sleep peacefully in their beds only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

Let me DROP the Modesty for a moment.  See that Quote Above?  Since about 2004 those men that go into harms way to protect you DO SO with the energy, battery, power, electricity and chemistry technology that I teach them.   One of the reasons they come home alive MIGHT be because their main battery on their radio or satcomms died, got shot, broken and they used the 'other' power technology and methods I taught them and they were able to make comms, change their exfil or meet the QRF, get off the X and get extracted.  You want to know what 2 is 1, 1 is none and function stacking is.  What 1st level, 2nd level and 3rd level gear is?   How you use what and why and for what application in what environment at what time of the day in what weather and temperature and the phase of the moon and alignment of the planets?  Then you want me.

I am heart attack dead serious when I teach.  No one is more serious than I am.  I'm so Serious I might piss you off.  I am BLUNT, I am BRUTALLY HONEST.  I am DIRECT.   One of my students said that I am like, "A Rainbow Shotgun to the Face."  I teach this like your life, your children's life, your mothers life MIGHT depend on what I'm teaching you.  Know why?  Because their LIFE MIGHT DEPEND ON What I'm Teaching You.    This is your trigger warning Snowflake.   Steven Harris is NOT your safe space.  Tread only if you dare.

- This one of my best friends (the man, not the dog)

- He is the one that got me into teaching Military and Government in 2003'ish.

- He was the best man at my wedding

- He and others have gone to hell and back with "Harris Sh*t"
- I'd follow him to hell and (maybe not) back.
- I'd never let him down

DO You want to Learn the Preparedness from the FEMA Government Workers  who close the office due to weather?   From the people who WILL NOT LET you use a candle?  From the people that turn off the power when the wind blows?

Or do you want to Learn from Steven Harris?

I'm NOT going to let you down either.


Knowledge Publications Corporation was started by Steven Harris in 2002 to provide the highest quality books, DVDs, videos and education on all forms of alternative energy.  Mr Harris was also an expert in Preparedness and found that his world class knowledge of energy applied directly to the Preparedness Field.   Mr Harris now instructs the Dept of Defense, Law Enforcement and the Public on matters of preparedness especially in the areas of energy, power, fuel, heating, cooling, food (all types), water.  One of Mr Harris's Mentors was Cresson Kearny with whom he did extensive work regarding the history of feeding the warfigher from 2500 years ago to current conflicts. is Owned and Operated by
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